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Back 4 Blood Zombies, Characters, and More


It's been a while and people are starting to talk about the new Zombie Killing COOP FPS game called Back 4 Blood. Because of it being a new game and only the Alpha being released, you can really expect the game to hide its true colors. Mostly, the things like Characters in-game, the Type of Zombies you are going to kill are not known thoroughly; the game's Special Edition and the Requirement are very much known.

But, because of the same Turtle Back Studio development and its Success to Left 4 Dead I can guess a few things on my own. The characters and the Zombies are going to be somewhat the same as the old Left 4 Dead, while the Characters and the Playstyle of the game is also going to be the same. Only the requirements and the editions of the game are somewhat hard to guess. Want to learn about the Closed Alpha of the game, I have here an article of my own name Back 4 Blood Closed Alpha Review. So, without further ado, let’s talk about Back 4 Blood.

Characters in Back 4 Blood:

back 4 blood characters

There is not much known about the characters in the game because developers mostly focused on the card deck system and the Zombie killing gameplay of the game. If you like to read about the new stuff in the game, you can check my article named Back 4 Blood Review; interesting new stuff to experience.

So, at the start of the game, you are given a choice to have characters and there are four of them by name of Walker, Hoffman, Evangelo, and Holly.


Each of the characters itself has its own individual personality and the charm in the game is how these characters interact with one another throughout the game. So, you can see the following traits in their personality;

  • Hoffman is a bit on the abrasive side in comparison to the others, also referred to as the Southern Gun Nut by Laptopmag.
  • Evangelo is a jokester but not the good one, rather a dirty one.
  • Holly is looking a bit fashionable and is the rebel of group.
  • Walker, on the other hand, always seems like a stoic leader.

Guns, Perks, and Abilities:

Fascinatingly, you can see in the game that each of the characters you see in the game has its own type of gun that he/she uses. While there is a new system of perks by cards in the game, each character also has different perks from one another. You can see the characters with various guns like;

  • Hoffman at the beginning of the game has only M1911, while being a bid on the offensive side, he has somewhat extra space and supports utility items. There are also ammo packs with Hoffman and have a perk that gives a chance for ammo drop with every kill.
  • Evangelo starts off with a machete, which is a melee weapon. But it gives extra stamina regeneration to the character, while the movement speed is also more than the other characters. Evangelo has the ability to set free from attacks that immobilize.
  • Holly has a nailed bat at the beginning, while has the ability to get more stamina with individual zombies being killed. There is also more damage and stamina gains to this character. As Holly works mostly on stamina, there is more maximum stamina as well.
  • Lastly, Walker has a gun, which is Glock 23, and starts off with better health, more gains of ammo, ammo capacity and gets a temporarily boosted accuracy with each kill (precision)

Types of enemies:

back 4 blood zombie types

The enemies in the game are none other than Zombies and being a successor to Left 4 Dead, you can face similar enemies, along with a matching type of zombies as well.

I don’t know that much about the new enemies that are available in the game, but there are special ridden types in the game, like;

  • Snitch
  • Retch
  • Ogre
  • Hocker
  • Bruiser

So, what do these Special Types do?

Each of the special types has its own set of personality and abilities. Ranging from the way they can attack you to the way they infect you, there is a difference amongst them all. So, their set of personality and abilities include;

  • Snitch, that is not individually dangerous but you don’t have to leave them without checking. The reason for it is that they will warn the hordes of zombies about you and your location. You simply have to take care of them in a sneaky peaky way because they themselves aren’t an issue.
  • Retch is the throwing type of Zombies because they can spit acid on you, dealing quite a lot of damage. While, the worst thing about Retch is that, it can also tell other zombies about your position. If you touch the acid, then the location will also be revealed. These are bulky Zombies, having more health than usual, and should be attacked first.
  • Ogre, just as the name suggests, Ogre is a tank and has the ability to throw things at you. It has the most health amongst all other types and is much larger in size also. Their damage is also another topic to talk about because if you get hit by them, the damage is tons. So, you also have to take care of them in a reasonable way.
  • Hockers are also the spitting type zombies that throw viscous material at you from their throat. If you get hit by that viscous substance, you get immobilized, so you can't move now and your movement is blocked. You can see that it is much similar to the Jockey and Smoker from the Left 4 Dead series because it can jump from one wall to another due to the extra pair of arms.
  • Bruisers, which are the last one in the Special Zombie groups, can charge at you with its force. In case you get hit by that charging hit, you get incredibly damaged and you also lose your balance, throwing you on the ground. The best way to deal with them is distance and you can easily kill them if at an adequate distance.

Special Edition:

There is only a preorder of the game available for you to avail and if you take that pre-order, you will be given a Skin Pack named Fort Hope Elite Weapon. It has various skins of gins like RPK LMG, 870 Shotgun, M4 Carbine, and Uzi SMG.

The price is around 100 dollars and you get early access to the game for only four days. In Back 4 Blood, you will get character skins, title, spray, rare banners, emblems, and Annual Pass. You will also be presented with new characters, more story content, and special Riddens.


Good for gamers, the Back 4 Blood requirement for PC isn't that much. If you want to play the game with good FPS, graphics, and movements, then you can expect an i5-8500 or similar CPU, 8GB of RAM, 30 GB of storage, GPU GTX 770 or RX 4808, and similar.


There isn't much known about the Back 4 Blood characters, enemies, and environment. But because of its heritage from Left 4 Dead, most of the things will be similar in action. The requirements of the game are simple enough in comparison to the latest games being launched and the Special Edition is totally worth getting because of the extra stuff you are presented with. If you like to learn more about the game, feel free to check my articles named Back 4 Blood; some important Features and Questions, and Back 4 Blood; what should be your expectations?



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