Fast way to level Quickhacks - Cyberpunk 2077

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If you are in need to quickly level your quickhacks, especially in the early game let me share the method that I have found.

Fast Quickhacks leveling

Go to this ripperdoc in the Northside area:

Northside ripperdoc location

Once you come to this place you will see an area filled with vending machines.

For each of these machines, using quickhack first time gives 60xp:

So your aim is to use “Distract Enemies” quickhack on each of them once. Using the second time will only net you 6xp per machine. But there is a workaround for that. You can save and reload after you finish quickhacking all the machines. After this, for some reason, you can safely interact with them again and receive 60xp all over.

To maximize your efficiency you need to have as many RAM slots as you can. Get at least a rare Cyberdeck or Epic if you can afford it:

In two minutes I managed to get about 3000 XP in Quickhacking, which I would say is a decent return for the time invested.

Please tell me below if this method worked for you as you expected

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well I dont know about you, but when I do this it levels my breach protocol, not quickhacking

Which game version you are playing? Because from 1.3 this no longer gives breach protocol