About Gamestegy

“Where can I find the best build to enjoy this game?”

This was the question Zanuffas had when playing Monster Hunter: World. A fan of modern RPG, he was no stranger to the search for the best gear-builds, be it the stealth-archer builds in Skyrim or Blood Mage/ Arcane Warrior build in Dragon Age Origins

But Monster Hunter? That was a title inherently meant to be complicated.

Key features of the game, like its sharpness system, have no mention of how efficient or useful it is in-game. To understand it took understanding numbers and calculations that only happened underneath what the system showed us.

It meant prying out the numbers through hours of testing, or from mining data from the game files themselves.

Finding out about these systems is our way of having fun, and the very reason why Gamestegy was created. Amassing this knowledge, through the creation of articles, wikis and calculators, allows us to show you the best builds you can take for your next Monster Hunter adventure.

In here, you can find, build, and optimize builds of your choosing, and create unique, personalized player guides to fulfil your own pursuit of enjoyment with these games.

We are Gamestergy. We do the numbers, so that you may play the way you want.


Gamestegy was started by Zanuffas, a gamer from the age of 6 years old, when he got his first Playstation console. The games which he played were mostly RPGs: JRPGs, Diablo, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls series, Mass Effect, etc. However, after he played his first Monster Hunter game: Monster Hunter World, he was astounded by the amount of knowledge one needs to effectively play the game, nevertheless to enjoy it. This was the reason why Gamestegy was founded. One the website people can find information to be able to enjoy the games in the way that they want to play: whether to minmax attributes, collect all collectibles or kill a boss without being hit.