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Neon Arrow

Neon Arrow

neon arrow cyberpunk 2077
Type Ranged Weapon Mod
Rarity Rare
Effect Reduces weapon reload time by 5%.

Neon Arrow is a Ranged Weapon Mod found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is a modification that can be used to improve ranged weapons. These mods can be bought from vendors or crafted by having a specific crafting spec

Ranged Weapon mods come in different rarities which affect their stats

Neon Arrow - Overview

Reduces weapon reload time by 5 %. 

Neon Arrow - How to obtain

Unfortunately, no vendors sell this modification. The only way to obtain it is in these ways:

  • NCPD Scanner in Northside, Watson: Needle in a Haystack. You will need to find a container with written graffiti: "die die die"
  • Gig: Monster Hunt

Neon Arrow - Notes

Best used on weapons with slow reload times, like Snipers.