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Prototype: Shingen Mark V

Prototype: Shingen Mark V

prototype shingen cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Submachine Gun
Rarity Legendary/Iconic
Type Smart - Homes in on targets with self-guided micro-projectiles.
Attacks per Second 4.55
Clip Size 30
Headshot Damage Multiplier 235%
Mod Slots 4
Mod Types Empty Mod Slot
Effect Fires explosive rounds. The modified automated targeting system guides bullets to up to three targets while aiming.

Prototype: Shingen Mark V is a Submachine Gun found in Cyberpunk 2077. These weapons are a lightweight version of Assault Rifles and provide a high fire rate and medium damage.

Prototype: Shingen Mark V - Overview

Won't hit the market for a few years. Interested in giving it a test run?

Prototype: Shingen Mark V - How to obtain

You will need to get to Arasaka Industrial park in Santo Domingo

arasaka industrial park location cyberpunk 2077

After that enter the complex and look for an opened container numbered 667:

container 667 cyberpunk 2077

Inside of container will be armed with a mine. Either disarm or destroy it. Inside the container, you will find the weapon

prototype shingen mark V location cyberpunk 2077

You do not need the Gimme Danger quest to obtain this item

Prototype: Shingen Mark V - Notes

The weapon makes game very easy as you do not need to target enemies precisely.