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chaos cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Pistol
Rarity Rare/Iconic
Type Tech - Can be charged to release a powerful shot.
Attacks per Second 3.57
Clip Size 12
Headshot Damage Multiplier 150%
Mod Slots 1-4
Mod Types Empty Scope Slot
Empty Mod Slot
Crit chance, damage type, and status-effect application are randomized after each reload. Good luck!

Chaos is a Pistol found in Cyberpunk 2077. They are lightweight weapons that deal low to medium damage. Moreover, they are very customizable

Pistols can become very powerful with correct perks and accurate headshots.

Chaos - Overview

A weapon that's easy to fall in love with, but difficult to trust.

Chaos - How to obtain

Looted from Royce during the mission The Pickup. It is Act 1 mission where you go into Maelstrom base.

You can loot him after the boss fight or neutralizing him during the deal.