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DR12 Quasar

DR12 Quasar

dr12 quasar cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Revolver
Rarity Multiple
Type Tech - Can be charged to release a powerful shot.
Attacks per Second 3.53
Clip Size 20
Headshot Damage Multiplier 200%
Mod Slots 1-4
Mod Types Empty Scope Slot
Empty Mod Slot
Effect A fully charged weapon deals 10% more damage. Reduces the minimum charge required to penetrate the wall by 50%.

DR12 Quasar is a Revolver found in Cyberpunk 2077. They have a lower amount of ammo but deal large damage compared to pistols.

Revolvers can become very powerful with correct perks and accurate headshots.

DR12 Quasar - Overview

For the gunslinger that ain't afraid of change.

DR12 Quasar - How to obtain

Purchase Weapon

The item may not be present every time. Leave the shop, wait one day, and then enter it again

Crafting Spec

The spec may not always appear. Leave the shop, wait one day, and then enter it again

Vendor Rarity
Straight Shooters Common
Iron & Lead Common
2nd Amendment Common
Gun Vendor (Japantown) Uncommon
Gun Vendor (West Wind Estate) Uncommon
Marty Rare
Gun Vendor (West Wind Estate) Rare
Crafting Spec unlocked at level 12 Crafting Legendary

DR12 Quasar - Notes

It is a semi-automatic revolver, that needs to charge.