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Cyberpsychosis cyberpunk 2077
Type Ultimate
Ram Cost 12/13
Duration 60 sec.
Cooldown 120 sec.
Upload Time 8 sec.

Cyberpsychosis is a Quickhack found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is used as Cyberdeck modification. Quickhacks provide, various hacking abilities that can affect NPCs in multiple ways.

Quickhacks have different rarities that affect what bonuses they can provide.

Cyberpsychosis - Overview

If cyberpsychos are an invention of the tabloids, then who was behind yesterday's massacre of 76 people at 7th Hell?" Op-ed expert, Night City Herald.


The effects accumulate the higher rarity you get.

Rarity Effect
  • Lethal
  • Induces a cyberpsychosis-like state in the target, causing them to attack both enemies and allies.
  • Sets the status of drones, mechs and robots to friendly, making them turn against your enemies.
  • If no other allies are nearby, the target will commit suicide.
Legendary Passive While Equipped: Enemies under the effect of any quickhack will no longer try to avoid inflicting friendly fire.

Cyberpsychosis - How to obtain

Crafting Spec

The spec may not always appear. Leave the shop, wait one day, and then enter it again. Quickhack crafting specs are mostly unlocked through Quikchacking perks.

Perk Rarity
Hacker Overlord Epic
Bartmoss' Legacy Legendary