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Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Blunt Weapon
Rarity Rare/Iconic
Type Blunt - May not be lethal, but your enemies will wish it was.
Attacks per Second 5
Mod Slots 1-3
Mod Types Empty Melee Mod Slot
Infused with Denny's rage. High chance to apply Bleeding. Low chance to apply Stun.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat is a Blunt Weapon found in Cyberpunk 2077. These weapons have melee range and are good at stunning enemies.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat - Overview

Although it's no katana, it did belong to a Samurai.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat - How to obtain

Can be found in Denny's Villa during the Quest Second Conflict. CLose to the quest end you will go into Denny's villa. After the dialogue, she will throw away the bat, and you can pick it up.

This quest is accessible as a Side Quest and you will need to have progressed somewhat and unlocked Kerry missions.