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Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

death and taxes cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Pistol
Rarity Rare
Type Power - Bullets can ricochet off surfaces.
Attacks per Second 4.44
Clip Size 10
Headshot Damage Multiplier 150%
Mod Slots 1-4
Mod Types Empty Scope Slot
Empty Muzzle Slot
Empty Mod Slot
Effect Deals Electrical damage and splits bullets into two, increasing the chance to hit the target.

Death and Taxes is a Pistol found in Cyberpunk 2077. They are lightweight weapons that deal low to medium damage. Moreover, they are very customizable

Pistols can become very powerful with correct perks and accurate headshots.

Death and Taxes - Overview

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except victory when you have this gun in your hands.

Death and Taxes - How to obtain

Obtained during the quest Ex-Factor. Look for the pistol in Maiko's Office, on the table, close to the door where you enter

If not obtained, you will later find it in Judy's apartment after the quest.

How to start the Ex-Factor quest?

You will need to progress sufficiently in the main story quest and save Evelyn Parker from the basement. Then listen to two BDs that were extracted from her.

After that, you will get a quest M'ap Tann Pèlen. This will require you to call Mr. Hands. Once that is done Judy can call you anytime and a new side quest mission line will start.

You will need to do a few missions before the Ex-Factor starts

Crafting Spec

Automatically obtained after you get the weapon from the quest

Death and Taxes - Notes

Due to dealing electrical damage, it is effective against drones and mechs