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countershell cyberpunk 2077
Type Integumentary System Cyberware
Rarity Tier 1-5
  • +30-50% Mitigation Chance for 4 sec. if you lose 35% Health within 3 sec.
  • Cooldown 6 sec.
Cyberware Capacity 10
Armor 17-57
Attunement Reflexes
Attunement Bonus +0.1% Crit Chance per Attribute Point.

Countershell - Overview

Countershell is an Integumentary System Cyberware found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an implant that players can purchase and equip with the help of Ripperdoc.

This is very good cyberware from early levels. The boost to mitigation chance gives a big survivability increase, much more than what armor stat could offer.

Countershell - How to obtain