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Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics

Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics

kiroshi doomsayer optics cyberpunk 2077
Type Face
Rarity Tier 1-5
Cyberware Capacity 2
Effects Effect active when scanning:
  • Highlight explosive devices and traps near your crosshair and within 1029m.

  • The effect remains active for 60 sec. after scanning.
  • 4-10x optical zoom when scanning
Attunement Reflexes
Attunement Bonus +0.1% Crit Chance per Attribute Point.

Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics - Overview

Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics is a Face Cyberware found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an implant that players can purchase and equip with the help of ripperdoc.

This face cyberware is great for filling slots and getting a little bit higher critical chance for a low cost.

Kiroshi "Doomsayer" Optics - How to obtain