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errata katana cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Katana
Rarity Iconic
Type Blade - Sharp and lethal. Be careful not to cut yourself. 
Attacks per Second 2.1
Effect Allows you to leap toward enemies. Attacking Burning enemies guarantees Crit Damage.

Errata is a Katana found in Cyberpunk 2077. These types of weapons are iconic Samurai blades. They deal large damage

Errata - How to obtain

The weapon is obtained once you start a main story quest Disasterpiece. This is done together with Judy where you go into Electric Corporation Power Plant. Going before this mission will not give access to the weapon.

errata location electric corporation power plant cyberpunk 2077

Once inside progress deep into the basement. You will reach a large area with a furnace. This is where you can pick up the Errata:

Errata inside furnace cyberpunk 2077

Errata - Notes

Use this weapon together with fire grenades and other fire sources to get a 100% critical chance for a huge damage increase.