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Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2

Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2

cut o matic xmod2 cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Chainswords
Rarity Iconic
Attack Speed 1.4
Damage per Hit
Stamina Cost
  • 50% Armor Penetration
  • 1 sec Charge Time
  • +20% Bleeding Chance
  • +30% Burn Chance
  • The unsettling noise this weapon produces will alert enemies and cause civilians to panic.
Attachments Mod
Mod Slots
Iconic Effect A special version of the weapon capable of additional modification. Optimized design also allows for improved handling.

Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2 - Overview

Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2 is a Chainsword found in Cyberpunk 2077. These swordlike melee weapons release a loud sound that causes civilians to panic and alerts enemies.

Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2 - How to obtain

Requires Phantom Liberty Expansion. This weapon can be found near Terra Cogita fast travel point inside a ditch.

cut o matic xmod2 location cyberpunk 2077

You will need to jump down, and look for a pile of trash with a person's head:

cutomatic xmod2 loot location