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Butcher's Cleaver

Butcher's Cleaver

butchers cleaver cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Knife
Rarity Iconic
Attack Speed 1.8
Damage per Hit
Stamina Cost
  • 25% Armor Penetration
  • 40% Bleeding Chance
  • Cannot be Thrown
Iconic Effect Definition of "bloodthirsty." When your enemy is bleeding, the cleaver attacks faster and uses less stamina.

Butcher's Cleaver - Overview

Butcher's Cleaver is a Knife found in Cyberpunk 2077. These sharp weapons offer fast attack speed and can be used for throwing.

Butcher's Cleaver - How to obtain

Main story quest - M'ap Tann Pèlen 

The weapon can be looted as you follow Placide and he kills a chicken. Once he finishes the process you can loot the weapon.

Black Market Vendor

Herold Lowe - purchased from the vendor if missed previously.