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BFC 9000

BFC 9000

bfc 9000 cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group One-Handed Club
Rarity Iconic
Attack Speed 2.2
Damage per Hit
Stamina Cost
  • 25% Armor Penetration
  • 20% Stun Chance
Iconic Effect No amount of pornos and skin BDs can prepare you for an encounter with the BFC 9000. Attacks at high Stamina have a greatly increased Crit Chance. Packs a few extra inches for improved range. Strong Attacks deal more damage, both physical and psychological.

BFC 9000 - Overview

BFC 9000 is a One-Handed Club found in Cyberpunk 2077. These are blunt weapons that offer higher attack speed and less damage than their 2-handed counterparts.

BFC 9000 - How to obtain

Obtainable from Hugo Selvig who you will have to kill. He is on the cliff close to the Dam.

bfc 9000 hugo selvig location cyberpunk 2077

Jump down a few cliffs and you will start seeing a person wondering around:

hugo selvig cyberpunk 2077