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Optical Camo

Optical Camo

optical camo image cyberpunk 2077
Type Integumentary System Cyberware
Slot Integumentary System
Effect Grants invisibility for 5/10/15 seconds. Cooldown: 60/60/45 sec.
Price per Tier Rare: 10000
Epic: 160000
Legendary: 28000

Optical Camo is an Integumentary System Cyberware found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an implant that players can purchase and equip with the help of ripperdoc. Integumentary System Cyberware can provide various stat bonuses and open up new gameplay options

Cyberware comes in different rarities which affect its stats

Optical Camo - Overview

Makes the user impossible to locate in visible spectrum light.

Optical Camo - How to obtain

Optical Camo - Notes

Very powerful cyberware, that can be used by any build.



Certain tiers of Optical Camo require street cred before you can purchase them since v1.52.

Legendary requires 39 street cred and costs 28,000.

Rare requires no street cred and costs 10,000.