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Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4

Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4

dynalar sandevistan mk 4 cyberpunk 2077
Type Operating System
Subtype Sandevistan
Rarity Legendary
  • Slows time to 25% for 16 sec. Cooldown 30 sec.
  • Increases any damage dealt by 15% when Sandevistan is active.
  • Increases Crit Chance by 15% when Sandevistan is active.
Mod Slots 3
Mod Types Cyberware Mod
Required Attribute 15 Reflexes
Price 28000

Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4 is an Operating System found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an implant that players can purchase and equip with the help of ripperdoc. The operating system provides unique game mechanics and various stat buffs.

Cyberware comes in different rarities which affect its stats

Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4 - Overview

Dynalar's greatest achievement to date. Thanks to the collaboration with Swiss corporation Bieri-1's neuro-research labs, this implant boosts lightning-fast connection speeds, combat system flexibility, and optimized combat perceptiveness. Ideal for specialists.

Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.4 - How to obtain

Clinic Rarity
Viktor's Clinic Legendary