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stinger cyberpunk 2077
Rarity Iconic
Type Knife
Class Throwable
Attack Speed 3.1
Damage Per Hit 106
Stamina Cost 4.8
Effective Range 26
Return Time 4.0
Mod Slots -
  • 150% Headshot Damage multiplier
  • 25% Bleeding Chance
  • 25% Poison Chance
Iconic Effect
Attacks against poisoned enemies have a 100% chance to cause bleeding. Attacks against bleeding enemies have a 100% chance to cause poisoning.

Stinger - Overview

The weapon is perfect for Throwing Knife Build as it is one of the best options that you can use. Sadly, compared to the normal version it only gets 150% headshot Damage multiplier.

Stinger - How to obtain

I'll Fly Away - Given to V by Mitch. The quest is available after the quest - Riders on the Storm, where you need to free Saul. These quests become available once you finish the Main Story with Panam.