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stinger cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Knife
Rarity Rare
Type Blade - Sharp and lethal. Be careful not to cut yourself. 
Attacks per Second 6.67
Mod Slots 3
Mod Type Melee Weapon Mod
Deals additional Chemical damage with a moderate chance to apply Poison.

Stinger is a Knife found in Cyberpunk 2077. These types of weapons have short reach and very high attack speed.

Melee weapons may come in different rarities providing bigger bonuses the higher rarity it is.

They may also be iconic versions of the weapon giving unique bonuses.

Stinger - Overview

Small but incredibly deadly. It belonged to Scorpion, a nomad of the Aldecaldos clan.

Stinger - How to obtain

I'll Fly Away - Given to V by Mitch. The quest is available after the quest - Riders on the Storm, where you need to free Saul.