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satori cyberpunk 2077
Weapon Group Katana
Rarity Rare/iconic, upgradeable to Legendary
Type Blade - Sharp and lethal. Be careful not to cut yourself. 
Attacks per Second 2.50
Mod Slots 1-3
Mod Type Melee Weapon Mod
It increases Crit Damage by 500 % but reduces base damage by 20%.

Satori is a Katana found in Cyberpunk 2077. These types of weapons are iconic Samurai blades. They deal large damage

Melee weapons may come in different rarities providing bigger bonuses the higher rarity is.

They may also be iconic versions of the weapon giving unique bonuses.

Satori - Overview

Property of Saburo Arasaka. An antique katana forged in the first half of the 20th century that hasn't dulled a day.

Satori - How to obtain

Obtained during the main story quest The Heist. You will need to wait until the AV aircraft arrives and you leave the server room.

Then go to the top where you can loot the AV. There will be some guards protecting it.

Satori - Notes

One of the most powerful katana weapons in the game. For maximum effectiveness, get all perks related to Crit Chance.