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Type Staff
Stats +117 attack 
+4 fire damage across 2m 
Blood Magic: Each point of health provides 0.25 additional mana
Damage 41 fire damage
(56 per second)
Runes -
Requires Mage
Location Darktown - The Forgotten Lair
Quest Forbidden Knowledge
Act 2

Voracity is a Staff found in Dragon Age 2. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, looted from enemies, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some of the companions

Voracity - How to obtain

During Act 2 you will need to finish the quest Forbidden Knowledge. It can be obtained two ways:

  1. Idunna sends a letter to Hawk if she is alive
  2. Find an evil tome

You need to destroy all the evil tomes that you find:

  1. Chantry - top floor
  2. Viscount's Keep - throne room
  3. Rotting Cave - this cave appears in The Bone Pit once you have found at least one other Evil Tomes
  4. Abandoned Thaig - this can be accessed in Sundermount after you pass the Dalish Village. The cave entrance is called "Recently Opened Passage"
  5. Dank Cave - Wounded Coast north part.

Once all of them are destroyed a new location will appear in Darktown. There you will find Fell Grimoire. Choosing any option Xenebeck will appear which when killed will drop the staff

Voracity - Notes

  • The staff is quite powerful as it also deals bonus fire AOE damage.
  • Xenebeck's fight can be difficult, so come prepared and use corridors to better control the flow of battle.