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Highland Ravager

highland ravager dragon

One of the three dragons encountered in Emprise Du Lion region.


Highland Ravager



Health points

311 541 on Nightmare

Armor rating



Greater Fire Resistance



All Disabling Effects



Tactics and Strategy

The fight can be fairly difficult if you do not want to finish it the quick way. We will cover both options

The normal way

The fight can be challenging but here are some things to do before it.


  • Get Offensive tonics

  • Get Fire resistance potions

  • Prepare Cold runes, Ice staves, and Winter abilities as the dragon is weak to cold.

  • Dragon slaying runes can also benefit you

  • Some Guard damage increasing abilities help here.

Main moves:

  • Whirlwind attack. You will see wind current circle around the dragon, run to him as he will damage you and pull to himself

  • Fire Mine - circles will appear below party members. Move out of them as they will create fire columns, generating large damage.

  • Dragonlings - when Ravager hp will go below 50% it will summon dragonlings. The dragon will roar and stun you for a few seconds. Dragonlings use melee and fireball attacks. I would suggest using concentrated damage to kill them.

  • Fire breathe - a simple attack just move away from the fire path

  • Guard. Will make stand on the legs and generate full Guard bar. You will need to take it down before damaging HP again.

Quick way

  1. Take Sera, Varric to your party

  2. Ensure they both have their Focus abilities: Thousand Cuts and Hail of Arrows

  3. Get Mighty Offense Tonic and upgrade it

  4. With Sera drink the Offense Tonic, activate Flask of Lightning and use Thousand Cuts

  5. When she is done change to Varric.

  6. Drink the tonic and activate Hail of Arrows

  7. Spam Leaping shot while you are close to the dragon

Congratulations the fight should take less than a minute.