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Abyssal High Dragon

Level 14 Dragon encountered in The Western Approach

Abyssal High Dragon stats


Abyssal High Dragon





Health (Nightmare difficulty)



All Disabling Effects





Greater Fire



How to summon him?

Compared to other dragons, this one requires a questline to finish. You will meet dragon researcher Frederic in the south part of The Western Approach:

Frederic camp in western approach

Once you finish his questline you will make lures for the dragon, that will summon him.

Tactics and Strategy

Main moves:

Whirlwind attack. You will see wind current circle around the dragon, run to him as he will damage you and pull to himself. Every tick you are not in this circle the attack will damage you. You can also hide behind debris.

abyssal high dragon doing wind vortex attack

Fire breath - Dragon will breathe fire, can be easily avoided by moving to the sides

Guard - will position front legs to the ground adding guard bar. You will need to take it out to damage its hp.

Fireball - will use if aggro is taken by your companion in ranged distance. Can be avoided easily by moving around, however, your companions cannot avoid them, so check them once in a while.

Tail swipe + leg attacks - normal attacks that the dragon does to melee ranged attackers

How to fight

  • Fire resistance can help, especially for your tank, which will be taking the bulk of the damage

  • Have sources for cold damage: Winter's Grasp, Blizzard, Ice staves + Energy Barrage, Cold runes.

  • You will need to rotate between damaging dragon legs. Start with one, once you see it flinch and start bleeding move to another leg.

  • Keep your companions on mid-distance. Do not move them too far away. It will be problematic once the dragon starts casting Vortex attack to move close to him

  • When fighting in the melee distance keep a close eye on the animations. if you see him raising his leg try to move out: use Combat Roll, jump, Fade Step, Leaping Shot, Evade, etc.

Otherwise, the fight does not have any difficult mechanics like flying or spawning dragonlings.


The main dragon drops:

  • Nameless Blade

  • Dragon's Tooth

  • Super Ring of Armor Penetration

  • Jade

  • Dragon Gland

  • Dragon Webbing

  • Dragon Scales

  • Dragon Bone