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Vinsomer stats

You will meet this exceptionally beautiful dragon at Storm Coast, battling a giant. Later as you progress the story you will be able to fight it.

You will encounter it on the Dragon Island once you clear out the Red Templars and reach a boat





226 288 (Nightmare)

Armor rating



All Disabling Effects





Greater Electricity



The fight


  • Electricity resistance equipment

  • Sources with spirit damage: runes, bonus stats from weapons, abilities like Fade Cloak + Decloaking Blast

  • Respec for any lightning abilities as they are not useful in this fight

  • Mighty Offensive tonics for dealing more damage

  • Increased Guard damage from abilities like Guard-Smasher

  • It comes with no surprise that you should try to have the best equipment as possible and be similar level as the dragon in this case at least level 19


As with most dragons, the core attacks are the same:

  • Tail swipe - AOE attack that hits in melee range

  • Leg swipe - AOE attack that hits enemies in front of the dragon

  • Wind Vortex - the dragon will stand on his legs in place and start flapping his wings. A wind circle will appear below him. If you are not in this circle your companions will sustain damage and get pulled to the dragon. You can also hide behind rocks, but this area does not provide them

Vinsomer dragon Wind attack

Dragon specific moves:

Electric shot - dragon will cast similar attack to fireball, but dealing electro damage, as long as you are moving this should not cause any problems. Be careful with your companions. If they do not move from the place that the electro ball hits, they can easily die.

Vortex attack - will create circles below the characters. The dragon will start roaring and stand on two legs. If the circles overlap both companions will sustain damage. To avoid damage keep your party members separated by substantial distance:

Vinsomer vortex attack

Lightning breath - fairly easy attack to avoid as long as you are moving. However, if you stand still the attack can easily kill you or your companions. So keep an eye on them

vinsomer dragon lightning breath attack

Guard - the dragon will set up his front legs, glow yellow and have its guard bar filled. This will prolong the fight drastically. Due to this, I recommend having Guard damage bonus abilities ready for this fight

Vinsomer dragon with guard bar


  • Keep mid-distance, so that you can get close to the dragon in case of Wind attack.

  • Use your tonics throughout the fight.

  • Attack his legs, once the leg starts bleeding attack another leg:

Vinsomer dragon bleeding leg