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Maul of Tacitus

Maul of Tacitus

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Type Maul
Rarity Unique
Stats +29 Strength
Enhanced Basic Attacks: the end of the attack chain now knocks down enemies
Item Level 15
DPS 199-207
Damage 197-205
Requires Level 15
Rune Slots Empty Rune
Price 480 Silver
Location Emerald Greaves - Astrariums

Maul of Tacitus is a Maul found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, looted from monsters, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some of the companions

Maul of Tacitus - How to obtain

You will need to finish all the Astrariums in the Emerald Greaves map. After the location is revealed you will find it in the chest

Maul of Tacitus - Notes

Good mid-game two-handed weapon. It boosts strength and also enhances normal attacks. Great for AI