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Andruil's Gift

Andruil's Gift

Andruil's Gift

Andruil's gift inventory stats
Item level 18
Item Type Unique Bow
Damage 127 Electricity damage
Bonus stats

+28% Attack

+24% Critical Chance

Electricity enchanted: all attacks deal electricity damage and have a chance on hit to paralyze the target

Slots Rune

Not Varric

Rogue Only

Requirement Level 15

One of the weapons added in Trespasser DLC with base elemental damage.

The provides huge bonus stats. However, it can be easily amde redundant by enemies resistant to lightning, like Pride Demons

How to obtain it

You will need to have Trespasser DLC for this weapon. As you progress the game there will be War table operations called: Annexing Kirkwall and Aiding Kirkwall

The bow will be the reward for one of these operations:

Annexing kirkwall wartable operation rewards