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The Tomb of Fairel

The Tomb of Fairel

Type Quest
Rewards Influence 2000
10152 XP
Power 3
Location Hissing Wastes

The Tomb of Fairel is a quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They allow obtaining additional rewards like XP, influence, or items. Moreover, they can progress the main game story, companion backgrounds or change the world around them Inquisitor.

The Tomb of Fairel - How to obtain the quest

Quest is given to the Inquisitor after he enters the Hissing Wastes

The Tomb of Fairel - Quest steps

You will need to visit multiple tombs through the Hissing Wastes and complete the required puzzles. Once the tombs are unlocked a Final Tomb will appear

Four Pillar Tomb

This tomb is close to Sand Crags Camp:

Sand Crags tomb

One inside the tomb just light the braziers in the correct order based on plaque descriptions:

  1. This is the tale of Fairel, Paragon among Paragons, father of two sons,
  2. who, against their father's wishes, fought from foolish words and foolish pride.
  3. For pride these halls were made -- to honor a father's deeds, and grieve his loss.
  4. And for loss these halls were made, to honor a brother mourned.

After the puzzle loot the chest inside the room that contains a fragment and items

Sunstop Mountain Tomb

From the Mountain Fortress Inquisition Camp, head east and climb the hill. There you will a digging campsite:

sunstop mountai tomb location

Go down the ladders. The Tomb is quite deep, so it may take a while to reach the burial room. Once there, light the braziers in the correct order:

  1. The sun burned above oceans of sand,
  2. but in the sand was Stone, strong and true.
  3. Fairel hewed the Stone, and built──as great as any thaig in the deep.
  4. And with his sons' help, he ensured the thaig prospered and grew.

The room will open up where you can loot the chest for items and key fragment

Burial Grounds Tomb

To find this tomb it is best to start near the Logging Inquisition Camp in the Hissing Wastes.

Burial Grounds Tomb location DAI

When you reach the tomb pick the Veilfire near the Tomb entrance (which will be locked). Then near the statues you will find braziers with plaques:

Burial Grounds Tomb Torches

Then you should light the braziers in the correct orders based on what the plaque is saying:

  1. Fairel's sons built monuments to their father, locking away his great works,
  2. and worked together, for a time, side by side. Each ruled half the thaig,
  3. but each ruled differently. They argued, and heated words made the brothers duel,
  4. And where one brother fell, the others raised bloodied axe in hand, alone.

Then the tomb will open and you can loot the chest that contains a fragment and items

Canyon Tomb

The tomb is found in the Canyon. It is north of the Logging Camp:

Canyon Tomb location DAI

Once you get into the Tomb enter the room with plaques and unlit braziers. You have to take the veil fire ant light the braziers in the correct order:

  1. After many years Fairel, greatest of Paragons, could not bear life's burden.
  2. And with the burden growing, he called his sons to his bedside.
  3. He bade each son swear he would take care of his brother,
  4. and the brothers swore, and mourned when their father returned to the Stone.

Colossus Tomb

The Tomb can be found north of the Statue Inquisition Camp:

Colossus Tomb location DAI

Inside the tomb, you will find the room where you need to light the braziers. They have to be lit in the correct order, based on what the plaque near them is saying:

  1. Fairel, Paragon, fled from the strife his brilliance created,
  2. The strife that destroyed thaigs, sundered houses, from weapons that clan used against clan.
  3. His own clan and his two sons followed Fairel to the pitiless surface,
  4. The surface where they would hide from the war that took their home.

Tomb of Fairel

Once you have all the key fragments go to the Tomb of Fairel, east of the Sand Crags Camp:

Tomb of Fairel location DAI

There you will encounter Sandy Howler dragon. You can avoid fighting him if you are not ready. Just go close to the edges of the crater.

The Tomb of Fairel - Rewards

  • 10152 XP
  • 2000 Influence
  • 3 Power

The Tomb of Fairel - Notes

Many of the end game loot can be received through this quest