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Amulet of the Rogue

Amulet of the Rogue

Type Amulet
Rarity Unique
Stats +5 Dexterity
+5 Cunning
Item Level 20
Price 15075 Sovereigns
Location Black Emporium
Winter palace

Amulet of the Rogue is an Amulet found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, looted from monsters, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some of the companions

Amulet of the Rogue - How to obtain


You can buy the amulet with The Black Emporium DLC. Go to Black Emporium, interact with Emporium's Weapons and Accessories. The price for it is 15075 Sovereigns

Trespasser DLC

Buy from the Winter Palace Merchant for the price of 15075 Sovereigns

Amulet of the Rogue - Notes

Although the name tells to use it on rogues, this amulet can work for any class that wants to maximize its critical rate and critical damage