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Superb Antaam-saar Schematic

Superb Antaam-saar Schematic

suberp antaam saar icon
Type Light Armor Schematic
Upgrade Slots -
Sigil Slots Yes
Crafting Slots Utility: 8 Cloth
Utility: 12 Leather
Utility: 8 Metal
Armor: 18 Cloth
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
Armor Tier 1 - 161
Tier 2 - 188
Tier 3 - 209
Tier 4 - 231
Location Skyhold - Undercroft

Superb Antaam-saar Schematic is a Light Armor Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

Superb Antaam-saar Schematic - How to obtain

You will need to have Spoils of the Qunari DLC item pack

At level 16 Inquisitor will get a shipment that can be picked from SPeical Shipments chest in Skyhold, Undercroft. It will contain the schematic

Superb Antaam-saar Schematic - Notes

The armor can have the highest critical chance or damage boost for the mage in the game. Due to this, it is quite tempting to use it on builds with Ring of Doubt