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Blade of Tidarion Schematic

Blade of Tidarion Schematic

blade of tidarion shcematic icon
Type Staff Schematic
Upgrade Slots -
Rune Slots Yes
Crafting Slots Damage: 24 Metal
Offense: 12 Leather
Offense: 12 Cloth
Offense: 12 Metal
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
DPS Tier 1 - 66
Tier 2 - 73
Tier 3 - 85
Tier 4 - 87
Damage Tier 1 - 58
Tier 2 - 65
Tier 3 - 75
Tier 4 - 77
Damage element Cold/Fire/Electricity
Requires Mage
Location Skyhold - War Table

Blade of Tidarion Schematic is a Staff Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

Blade of Tidarion Schematic - How to obtain

You will need Trespasser DLC

To obtain the schematic you will need to do these War Table operations:

  1. Strike a Bargain with Merchant Princes - it can be done after you finish moving to Skyhold
  2. Stop War Between Nevarra and Tevinter - do this operation as soon as it appears. It is important to have Josephine free.

After you do the second operation you will be rewarded with the schematic

Blade of Tidarion Schematic - Notes

  • This is the only mage weapon that can act as a two-handed sword
  • The important part of this weapon is that if you equip a rune with different elemental damage and use Energy Barrage the number of projectiles doubles. This works well with other skills like: Static Cage or Hidden Blades



How do you obtain the higher tiers of this weapon? I got the tier 2, but it's starting to be too weak now. I need a more powerful version.

You need to use higher tier crafting materials. They can be obtained from stronger monsters and maps unlocked later in the game. You can also buy them from some vendors. For example vendor in the Descent DLC sells some Tier 4.


What would you recommend as the best material composition for a crafted Blade of Tidarion? It seems to me you can go two ways: attack and/or crit damage (but not crit chance?). If you use only dragon stuff, you can get something like 90+ crit damage, which maybe is the way to go? Or split between crit damage and attack? Crit chance is never too high on a mage, but ring of doubt forces crit at the beginning of encounters.

I personally always went for Crit Damage. Once you have high crit chance or ring of doubt, it makes much more sense as the overall damage boost is higher.

Of course if you are minmaxing then we would need some calculations. However, I would suggest this: if below level 15 (adn no ring of doubt) go for Attack if above go for Crit Damage. At this time you should already have a decent Crit rate.