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Stone Stalker Coat Schematic

Stone Stalker Coat Schematic

Stone Stalker Coat Schematic icon
Type Medium Armor Schematic
Upgrade Slots -
Sigil Slots -
Crafting Slots Armor: 19 Leather
Utility: 14 Leather
Defense: 10 Metal
Defense: 10 Cloth
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
Armor Tier 1 - 181
Tier 2 - 211
Tier 3 - 236
Tier 4 - 261
Requires Rogue
Location Deep Roads - multiple

Stone Stalker Coat Schematic is a Medium Armor Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

Stone Stalker Coat Schematic - How to obtain

The Descent DLC

There are multiple ways to obtain the schematic

  1. Randomly looted in the Bastion of the Pure part of the Deep Roads.
  2. Can be acquired from The Guardian, the last boss of the DLC that you will encounter in The Wellspring.