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Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic

Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic

elgarnan Enaste schematic icon
Type Bow Schematic
Upgrade Slots -
Rune Slots Yes
Stats Explosive Arrows
Crafting Slots
Damage: 24 Metal
Offense: 20 Leather
Utility: 12 Leather
Offense: 6 Metal
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
DPS Tier 1 - 139
Tier 2 - 158
Tier 3 - 180
Tier 4 - 188
Damage Tier 1 - 123
Tier 2 - 140
Tier 3 - 159
Tier 4 - 166
Requires Rogue
Not Varric
Location Shattered Library

Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic is a Bow Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic - How to obtain

Trespasser DLC

You will find the schematic behind the purple flames in the Inverted Ward of Shattered Library. This is close to the end of this world's quest

Shattered library inverted ward Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic location

Elgar'nan Enaste Schematic - Notes

Although the bow is not the best in terms of provided slots (and no upgrades) it has an explosive arrow effect.