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Grunsmann's Bow Schematic

Grunsmann's Bow Schematic

Grunsmann's Bow Schematic icon
Type Bow Schematic
Upgrade Slots Grip
Rune Slots Yes
Crafting Slots Damage: 24 Metal
Offense: 8 Leather
Offense: 6 Leather
Offense: 6 Leather
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
DPS Tier 1 - 139
Tier 2 - 158
Tier 3 - 180
Tier 4 - 188
Damage Tier 1 - 123
Tier 2 - 140
Tier 3 - 159
Tier 4 - 166
Requires Rogue
Not Varric
Location Black Emporium

Grunsmann's Bow Schematic is a Bow Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

Grunsmann's Bow Schematic - How to obtain

The schematic is purchased from Emporium's Schematics of Legend stall found in the Black Emporium. The price is 12156 Sovereigns

Grunsmann's Bow Schematic - Notes

This bow with good tier 3 and tier 4 materials is the best bow in the base game without expansions.