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The Best Defense Schematic

The Best Defense Schematic

The Best Defense Schematic icon
Type Shield Schematic
Effect Enhanced Shield Wall: Every fifth block with Shield Wall deals massive damage to enemies in the area
Crafting Slots Armor: 6 Metal 
Utility: 8 Metal 
Utility: 5 Leather 
Masterwork: 1 Masterwork 
Armor Tier 1 - 29
Tier 2 - 35
Tier 3 - 44
Tier 4 - 48
Requires Warrior
Location Shattered Library

The Best Defense Schematic is a Shield Schematic found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Schematics allow crafting gear by providing different materials. This can result in various item variations providing a wide array of bonuses. To fully understand how this works check the crafting guide

The Best Defense Schematic - How to obtain

Trespasser DLC

Purchase from the merchant that is found in the Shattered Library. It will be before the first Archivist on the left hidden path. The price is 32730 Sovereigns

Shattered library merchant location dai

The Best Defense Schematic - Notes

The effect applies even after Masterwork materials have been used to craft