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Amulet of Power

Amulet of Power

Type Amulet
Rarity Rare
Stats Gain an ability point when equipped
Single Use
Item Level 10
Requires Inquisitor
Specific Companion
Location Multiple - check How to Obtain section

Amulet of Power is an Amulet found in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a special item that grants additional an ability point for Inquisitor or companions. Moreover, it is single-use. It can be obtained through quests, looted from chests, or enemies.

Amulet of Power - How to obtain

Here is the list of how the amulets can be obtained for each of the playable characters in the Dragon Age Inquisition game:


  1. War Table operation - reward from A Gift from the Imperial Palace. This operation is available if Celene and Briala reconcile during the main story quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.
  2. Exclusive Training - Inquisition perk. To unlock it you have to invest 4 points into the Inquisition category of the perks.
  3. Village of Crestwood, a locked house that is located in Crestwood. You will need Deft Hands, Fine Tools inquisition perk to unlock the doors where the chest is found. The house is only accessible once you close the Fade rift in Flooded Caves.


  1. War Table operation - Grand Cleric Iona if completed by Cullen. To unlock this operation you will need first to finish The Chantry Remains war table operation after the main story quest The Threat Remains.
  2. Abandoned house in Fallow Mire. It is close to the 4th beacon (north of it). Loot the amulet of power from the chest


  1. Looted from one of the bodies during the main story quest Here Lies the Abyss, where you siege the Adamant Fortress
  2. Nobility and Casualty - war table operation, if you have sided with the Templars for the Champions of the Just main story quest.
  3. When doing companion quest for Blackwall - Revelations you will enter Val Royueax prison. One of the loot containers, specifically a satchel will contain the amulet.


  1. First, you must finish the Iron Bull companion quest Demands of the Qun. You have to side with the Qun and secure the alliance. Once that is done you will start working on a series of War Table operations: Failed Assassination Attempt Inquiry, Follow Venatori Assassins, etc. The last one is Track Spies in Nevarra that rewards the amulet of power for Dorian


  1. Once Cole joins the Inquisitor talk with him about his past. Ask to help locate Rhys. Then complete these war table operations: Locate Rhys and Evangeline, Deploy Rhys and Evangeline. After them, you will be rewarded with the amulet of power
  2. Complete Crestwood side quest Burdens of Command. The quest starts in Old Crestwood where you talk with Old Crestwood Wraith. Help him by defeating rage demon in the Flooded Caves. After the victory come back to the wraith for the reward.

Iron Bull

  1. Complete main story quest Hushed Whispers, where you side with the Mages. After that talk with Krem at the Tavern in Skyhold. This will unlock a new war table operation - Investigate Therinfal Redoubt. The reward for completing it is the amulet of power.
  2. If the Inquisitor is Qunari, one can complete war table operation Contact with the Valo-Kas Mercenaries. It is available once you can access to war table in Haven.


Complete War table operation Red Jenny and the Bad Goods. To get it follow these steps:

  1. Reach Skyhold
  2. Talk with Sera, which should start companion quest: The Verchiel March
  3. If Sera stays with the Inquisitor complete this war table operation: Red Jenny Attends a Party
  4. Once that is completed finish the new operation Red Jenny and the Bad Goods that awards the amulet


  1. Once you complete the war table scouting operation Scout the Hinterlands, a new war table operation appears Hard in Hightown 3: Varric's Revenge. It will reward the amulet
  2. Complete additional two operations related to Varric and the second amulet will be rewarded after you complete: Hard in Hightown: Unsavory Parallels.


  1. Complete Measuring the Veil companion quest. Take Solas to Elven Ruins close to Crossroads in the Hinterlands.
  2. Side with the mages and complete the main story quest In Hushed Whispers where you conscript mages to the inquisition. Once that is done you can complete the war table operation Information from the Gran Enchanter that rewards the amulet of power


First complete main story quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in the Winter Palace.

  1. Finish war table operation Truth or Dare: The Endgame.

The second amulet requires to have finished either Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts or Here Lies the Abyss. The complete a series of table operations:

  1. Alliances: Getting Things Moving with Josephine
  2. Alliances: Forging a Way Forward
  3. Alliances: Reaching Ever Upward - this will reward with the Amulet of Power

Amulet of Power - Notes

  • Multiple amulets can be used on the single character
  • Not all the amulets can be obtained through a single playthrough. For example where you choose between Mages or Templars