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Key to the City

Key to the City

Key to the city icon
Type Rings
Stats +2 to all attributes
+10% to healing effects received
+4% spell resistance
Price 7 Gold 67 Silver
Location Orzammar - Key to the City quest

Key to the City is a Ring found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions


Key to the City - How to obtain

You will need to do a quest to obtain the ring. Before that, you have to find codexes.

Collecting codex entries

You will first need to collect 5 codex entries all over Orzammar. The first 4 are available the first time you enter the city:

Hall of Heroes - near the entrance to the commons, you will find "Commission Report".

key to the city commission report

Orzammar Commons - on the bridge to the Proving grounds. You will find "Document":

key to the city document

Dust Town - here you will have encounters with some enemies, after you take them out go further. There you will find "Assembly Directive":

key to the city codex location

Diamond Quarter - once you enter this area, turn around and walk up the stairs. You will find "Council Writ":

key to the city diamond quarter

For the last codex entry, you will need to progress the story in Orzammar and select your position for the Candidate in the Proving Grounds. After this, a new section of Proving grounds will unlock.

Go to the right once you enter the area, and you will find "Writ of Censure" in the Hall.

Proving ground key to the city

Quest entry "Key to the City"

This quest entry will appear once you get all 5 codexes. It will tell you to go to Assembly and loot the cache. It will be near the entrance in the building:

Key to the city assembly

Key to the City - Notes

  • This is the most versatile ring in the game that can be used on any build.
  • It seems that the healing effects stat is bugged