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Heart of Witherfang

Heart of Witherfang

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Type Amulet
Location Brecilian Forest - Werewolf Lair
Stats +1 magic
+1 strength
+50% nature resistance
Price 35 silver
Description A blue-black stone that is difficult to directly observe. It bestows a strange sense of peace on the wearer, while the outsider suffers disquiet nights and unfamiliar sounds from the dark periphery.


Heart of Witherfang is an amulet that can be found in Dragon Age: Origins. Amulets that accessories that can be worn by the main character and some companions

Heart of Witherfang - How to obtain

To acquire this item you would need to side with the Elf Zatharian in Brecilian Forest quest Nature of the Beast. As a result, you will kill Witherfang and the amulet will be found on her corpse.

Heart of Witherfang - Notes

  • This amulet should be used for characters that mainly use offensive spells.
  • The amulet can also be used for Warriors that need strength to increase their damage.