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Cailan's Gauntlets

Cailan's Gauntlets

Cailan's Gauntlets icon
Type Massive Gloves
Stats +1 armor
+15% critical/backstab damage
Set Cailan's
Material Varies
Requires 36 - 42 strength
Armor 2.25 - 3.13
Fatigue 3.90%
Price 91 silver 25 copper
Location Ostagar - Return to Ostagar quest

Cailan's Gauntlets are Massive Gloves found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions

Cailan's Gauntlets - How to obtain

To get the gloves you will need Return to Ostagar DLC. They drop from one of the bosses: Hurlock Strategist. This is the third darkspawn commander during the quest.

Cailan's Gauntlets - Notes

  • To upgrade the armor's tier you can put it in Party Storage and leave the area for a while.
  • Another option for upgrading: you can also sell it to Mikhael Dryden and come back to the area and buy it back.