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Cailan's armor set

Cailan's armor set

Cailan's armor set

Material Varies
Stats -25% fatigue
+5 health regeneration
Set pieces Cailan's Helm
Cailan's Gauntlets
Cailan's Breastplate
Cailan's Greaves
Requires 36 - 42 strength
Armor 23.40
Fatigue 39.00%
Quest Return to Ostagar
Location Ostagar

Cailan's armor setis an Item Set found in Dragon Age: Origins. It constitutes multiple equipment pieces that have to be worn at the same time. When this is done, the set provides bonus stats for the character.

Cailan's armor set - How to obtain

To obtain the set you will need Return to Ostagar DLC. During the quest, you will encounter 4 Darkspawn commanders. Killing each of them will provide you with a different set piece.

Cailan's armor set - Notes

  • The armor does not excel in any particular combat type: offense/defense. Due to this, the armor is fairly good early in the game until you can get more specialized sets for your builds.

Cailan's armor set - Set Summary

Overview of the items that are part of the set

Item Requirements Bonuses
Cailan's Helm 36-42 strength +1 armor
+10 mental resistance
Cailan's Gauntlets 36-42 strength +1 armor
+15% critical/backstab damage
Cailan's Greaves 36-42 strength +1 armor
+20% chance to dodge attacks
Cailan's Breastplate 36-42 strength +1 armor
+15 physical resistance
Set Bonus   -25% fatigue
+5 health regeneration in combat