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The Lucky Stone

The Lucky Stone

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Type Rings
Stats +1 to all attributes
Price 3 Gold

The Lucky Stone is a Ring found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions

The Lucky Stone - How to obtain

This ring comes with Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition. It should appear in your inventory

The Lucky Stone - Notes

  • The ring is well-rounded for any character or build, especially early in the game.



Many of these ‘appears in inventory’ seem to be incorrect at least for PC. All I have in my inventory after expansion ultimate edition was Blood Dragon armor.


I'm not sure that it's even possible to sync an account with Dragon Age Keep anymore, since when you try to log in on the main menu of the game, it says that the Bioware servers are offline.

Hello, I just reinstalled DAO - Ultimate GOG edition. I also removed any previous saves and started a totally new game. The items were in the inventory upon start. On which platform (steam, EA, etc.) you are playing the game?


Is it even possible to get add-ons like this on Xbox anymore??