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Ring of the Warrior

Ring of the Warrior

ring of the warrior icon
Type Rings
Stats +2 dexterity
+2 strength
Price 2 Gold 19 Silver
Location Caridin's Cross - Drifter's Cache quest

Ring of the Warrior is a Ring found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions

Ring of the Warrior - How to obtain

The ring is one of the rewards from Drifter's Cache side quest. The quest is started in Caridin's Cross.

You will have to examine 4 rubbles on the map, after that a marker will appear that leads to the cave where Alpha Ogre is found. There you will find a container with the ring.

Ring of the Warrior - Notes

  • Ring is especially useful for warrior characters and rogues who do not have Lethality talent