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Cailan's Arms

Cailan's Arms

Set pieces Cailan's Shield
Maric's Blade
Material Varies
Stats +5 damage
+5 stamina regeneration in combat
Quest Return to Ostagar
Location Ostagar

Cailan's Arms is an Item Set found in Dragon Age: Origins. It constitutes multiple equipment pieces that have to be worn at the same time. When this is done, the set provides bonus stats for the character.

Cailan's Arms - How to obtain

The items are obtained during the quest Return to Ostagar. You will be able to get them through looting Cailan's Chest and killing Hurlock Vanguard

Cailan's Arms - Notes

The set is fairly powerful and can provide these benefits:

  • Useful for tanks, that want to dish out a bit more damage and have many sustained abilities
  • Arcane Warrior - allows running strong sustained abilities that also drain mana. The set allows to almost negate the effects and have those abilities indefinitely

Cailan's Arms - Set Summary

Overview of the items that are part of the set

Item Requirements Bonuses
Maric's Blade - +0.75 health regeneration in combat
Weakens nearby darkspawn
+0.75 stamina regeneration in combat
+6 damage vs. darkspawn
Cailan's Shield 32-38 strength +1 armor
Chance to avoid missile attacks
Set Bonus   +5 damage
+5 stamina regeneration in combat