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Longrunner's Cap

Longrunner's Cap

Longrunner's Cap
Type Light Helmets
Stats +0.5 stamina regeneration in combat
Material Reinforced
Requires 17 strength
Armor 1.75
Price 1 Gold 80 Silver
Location Carta Hideout - Jarvia or Jammer's Box

Longrunner's Cap is a Light Helmet found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions

Longrunner's Cap - How to obtain

There are two main ways to obtain the helmet:

  1. During the quest: Jarvia's Hideout it will drop from Jarvia.
  2. Looted from Jammer's Box. To find the box you will need to do Jammer's Stash quest