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Imperium ring set

Imperium ring set

Stats +2 armor
Set pieces Dawn Ring
Dusk Ring
Location Elven Alienage
West Brecilian Forest

Imperium ring set is an Item Set found in Dragon Age: Origins. It constitutes multiple equipment pieces that have to be worn at the same time. When this is done, the set provides bonus stats for the character.

Imperium ring set - How to obtain

The Dusk Ring can be found in West Brecilian Forest abandoned campsite.

The Dawn Ring is obtained from Shianni in Elven Alienage, close to the end of the game

Imperium ring set - Notes

You can also activate the set bonus if you manage to get two Dusk rings.

Imperium ring set - Set Summary

Overview of the items that are part of the set

Item Requirements Bonuses
Dawn Ring - +4 strength
-1 cunning
Dusk Ring - +3 Cunning
-1 Strength
Set Bonus   +2 armor