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Juggernaut Plate Armor

Juggernaut Plate Armor

Juggernaut Plate Armor icon
Type Massive Chestpiece
Stats +10% fire resistance
+10% cold resistance
+10% electricity resistance
+10% nature resistance
+10% spirit resistance
Set Juggernaut
Material Silverite
Requires 38 strength
Armor 18.38
Fatigue 26.25%
Price 13 Gold 50 Silver
Location Lower Ruins - Mage's Treasure

Juggernaut Plate Armor is a Massive Chestpiece found in Dragon Age: Origins. These items can be obtained through quests, found in chests, etc. They provide bonus stats for the main character and some companions

Juggernaut Plate Armor - How to obtain

The armor is obtained in the Lower Ruins. For this check the sarcophaguses in the area for a tablet (A Carved Elven Tablet). Once you have the tablet, continue forward and you will come to the area with a pool, altar, and large metal locked door:

elven ritual location dao

Interact with the fountain for dialog. Then do these interactions:

  1. Take the Earthen Jug
  2. Fill the earthen jug with water.
  3. Leave the pool alone.
  4. Go to the altar and: "Place the filled earthen jug on top of the altar"
  5. Kneel before the altar and pray.
  6. Examine the earthen jug on the altar.
  7. Take a single sip from the water in the jug
  8. Take the earthen jug.
  9. Leave the altar alone.
  10. Go back to the fountain: Dump the water in the jug back into the pool.

The doors will open and go to the hall. After you defeat the enemies loot the sarcophagus for the armor