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Dalish Leather armor set

Dalish Leather armor set

Stats +5 defense
Set pieces Dalish Gloves
Dalish Armor
Dalish Boots
Material Varies
Requires 10 - 20 strength
Armor 4.25
Fatigue 3.50%
Location Multiple

Dalish Leather armor set is an Item Set found in Dragon Age: Origins. It constitutes multiple equipment pieces that have to be worn at the same time. When this is done, the set provides bonus stats for the character.

Dalish Leather armor set - How to obtain

There are multiple ways to obtain the pieces of the set:

  1. The guaranteed place is Varathorn in Dalish Camp. he sells all the item pieces
  2. Various containers in Brecilian Forest
  3. Containers in Dalish Elf origin quest

Dalish Leather armor set - Notes

At different levels, Warden will be able to buy different tiers of equipment from Varathorn.

Dalish Leather armor set - Set Summary

Overview of the items that are part of the set

Item Requirements Bonuses
Dalish Gloves 10 - 20 strength +1 dexterity
Dalish Armor 10 - 20 strength +1 dexterity
Dalish Boots 10 - 20 strength +3 defense
Set Bonus   +5 defense