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Annabelle is a projectile explosive in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about the weapon - damage, requirements, and stats. We also include the variations and how to obtain it

Annabelle - General Info

annabelle fallout new vegas
Type Projectile Explosives
Skill Explosives 75
Strength Req. 5
Damage 150+200 Explosive
DPS 663
AP Cost 47
Ammo type Missile
Ammo per shot 1
Clip Size 1
Weight 15
Value 5200
Form ID 00162019
Annabelle has a built-in guidance system to improve accuracy and uses less AP in VATS than the standard weapon.

Annabelle - Variations

  • Missile Launcher - base version of the weapon

Annabelle - Locations

Black Mountain

Looted from Nightking Sniper on the radio tower at the top of the mountain. The area could be difficult to reach if you do not have good gear as it is filled with Mutants.

Annabelle - Notes

  • Uses less AP than the normal counterpart