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Esther is a projectile explosive in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about the weapon - damage, requirements, and stats. We also include the variations and how to obtain it

Esther - General Info

esther fallout new vegas
Type Projectile Explosives
Skill Explosives 100
Strength Req. 8
Damage 476 + 600 Explosive
DPS 2037
AP Cost 55
Ammo type Mini nuke
Ammo per shot 1
Clip Size 1
Weight 40
Value 18000
Form ID xx000804
It is 10 units heavier than a Fat Man. However, it is more durable, never jams, costs 10 fewer Action Points per attack, is more powerful by 75 direct damage compared to the Fat Man, and is able to use the GRA mini nuke ammo types. It adds +10 to DT and +25 to Radiation Resistance

Esther - Variations

  • Fat Man - base version of the weapon
  • Fat Man (GRA) - Gun Runners' Arsenal variation that can use different ammo.

Esther - Locations

The weapon can be purchased from Vendortron in Gun Runners. It is a very expensive weapon

Esther - Notes

  • If not careful the shot may kill the user, so try to hit further away from yourself
  • It is the heaviest weapon in the game
  • You can use various Gun Runners ammo with it