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MFC Grenade (GRA)

MFC Grenade (GRA) is a thrown explosive in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about its general info like damage, and requirements. We also include the location, how to obtain it, and crafting details

MFC Grenade (GRA) - General Info

MFC Grenade fallout new vegas
Type Thrown Explosive
Skill Explosives 25
Strength Req. 2
Damage 1+75 Explosive
DPS 49.6
AP Cost 35
Weight 0.5
Value 15
Form ID xx0008C8
The MFC grenade is a powerful improvised weapon, created by converting three microfusion cells into a thrown explosive device


MFC Grenade (GRA) - Crafting


  • Microfusion Cells - 3

Requirements - just having materials is not enough:

  • Workbench
  • Explosives 50
  • Mad Bomber perk
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal addon

MFC Grenade (GRA) - Notes

  • Can only be crafted
  • Very easy to acquire especially if you do not need Microfusion Cells.