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Remnants power helmet

Remnants power helmet is a helmet in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about what protection it offers, special effects, and locations where to find it.

Remnants power helmet - General Info

Remnants Power helmet fallout new vegas
Type Helmet
Damage Threshold (DT) 8
Effects Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5
Weight 5
Value 2800
Variations Gannon Family Tesla Helmet
Form ID 00133167
The Remnants Power Helmet provides 8 Damage Threshold, being the highest of all Power Armor Helmets. 


Remnants power helmet - Variations

  • Gannon Family Tesla Helmet

Remnants power helmet - Locations

For Auld Lang Syne

Can be obtained during this quest, which is received from companion Arcade Gannon. You meet him in Old Mormon Fort at Freeside

old mormon fort location fallout new vegas

The quest is given once Arcade Gannon starts trusting the Courier. There are these options to obtain the armor:

  • Convince Moreno to stay and obtain the armor from Daisy
  • Killing Orion Moreno and looting
  • Take the Armor after Cannibal Johnson leave during the quest

Silver Peak Mine

Check the top level, behind a gate in the northwest corner

silver peak mine location fallout new vegas